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KW 5 by Joe

By the processing of the worldwide spread of the socalled smart phone, the computer and multimedial orientated internet device, a large part of humanity has adjusted its behaviour, sociality, communication and sensibility to a device - efficently and sustained - similar to the global use of cars to human mobility and sense of space some decades ago.

Phenomenal with this very rapid alteration is the teaching and educating effect to the human intellect and socielty behalf od the machine, developed and last not least administrated by a very tiny group of people with their two or three gigantic companies, who are actually pretending destined behavior and communication patterns to the whole human community more or less in a subjective manner.

For the first time a reversed intelligence process as we know from householding devices, ships, airplanes or automobiles, where the machine undergoes learning and development processes according human judgment and recieve a particular neccessary limited amount of intelligence, whereas the smartphone is directing the consumer by the usability of the technology which has realized internet for everyone into limited perceptional and communicative ways, ways of thinking even, and finally just allows qualitatively reduced participation of omniscience of the data bases and storages of knowledge and experience but is absorbing unlimited amounts of data and knowledge from the user at the same time.

While the world wide web still has given oportunities for programm development and doverse designs via private domains, by the smartphone design, informations and programming depth are given from the machine a priori and controlled, all arrangements, configurations, database programming are limited, social networks and symantic structures are outsourcing privacy and domains and capacities of free internet developments.

WWW gives internet intelligence and artificial intelligence, which actually means, the internet itself becomes capacible of learning and deciding even without humans by AI programs, but where ethical qualities are implemented by humans per se.

Smartphones delivers knowledege and communication facilities, where ethics and moral is determined on the side of the device already.

This reverse learning growth is a highly interesting process, because the definition of the information and knowledge frame has not grown out of the human society but from the device´s algorithm and finally in the hands of very few cloudy single individuals.

The potential of knowledge is increasing by the usage of smartphones and the free potential of knowledge, information and ethics in the creation of internet remains deminishing. Nevertheless it is to prefer carrying those but a hole telefone cell.


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